Friday, April 30, 2010

Still Kicking!

I'm still kicking! My first post in a very longtime. Here's a synopsis of the goings on over the past few months:

Major business first. My latest MRI, CT, PET chest x-ray scans were run this week. the results are .... drum roll .... UNREMARKABLE. Man I love that word more and more as time goes by! This brings it to somewhere around 1-1/2 years Beast free, depending on your start date!

So, literally, I am still kicking. I have taken up playing soccer more in earnest these days. Boy does it feel great to be back out on the field with less trepidation. I am also still coaching the Greatest 5th, 6th & 7th Grade Girls Team Ever. Lot's of fun with some "girls' drama" now mixed in!

I now have a new puppy, Tanner! He is now 5 months old, a mixture of Boxer & Lab (a Boxador) and is very smart, fun, happy, and healthy. I get the greatest greetings when I come in the house, whether I've been gone a few hours or a few minutes. You gotta love that unconditional love a dog gives you.

I have turned 50 years old, and happy to say so. Of course having stared at the alternative to growing older, I have to say that I much prefer celebrating this milestone. Anyhow, I still feel, oh, about 35. Some might say that my maturity level is significantly lower still. In fact my sister accused me of being a "just a big kid" earlier this week. We celebrated the B-day with a pretty fantastic B-day party with some very notable folks there. I only wish I had more room to invite more people, but unfortunately the place was space limited!

I am working full time. (Some have asked about this so I feel the need to answer to all.)

My kids are fantastic; Stephen ready to graduate HS; Emily is a fine young lady in HS; and Brenna growing up more and more is a "tweener" now. They are truly one of the bright spots in my life and continue to impress me more & more all the time.

Lori is still an important part of my life, and I am grateful to have her attention.

My friends, ex-caregivers, family, are still concerned with my well being, and I am still blessed by there care and love.

My eating repertoire continues to expand, but there are still the basic restrictions. Simple carbs and sugar can still do a number on me, however, I keep experimenting and the errors are not as bad as they used to be.

My weight is holding steady, however not as high as I want it to be. I have to admit some frustration here, but not to the point that I am too bothered.

I'm saddened that the Capitals have been knocked out of the playoffs by Montreal (so all is not going well). Hopefully, Montreal can do the same to Pittsburgh!

Overall, things are going quite well and thus the best way to put it is (of course) ...



Anonymous said...

Very good news Steven! We are very happy for you here in Hungary!

Happy Birthday to you, and as always, all the best!



Anonymous said...

Congratulations!!! What wonderful news. - Veronica

Anonymous said...

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